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We’ll teach you skills, train you to do them yourself and then get you a dream internship - For Free!

From gaining valuable industry experience to building a strong resume, Ivystat provides you with the tools you need to succeed. Join a supportive remote cohort and access valuable resources and internship opportunities, for free.

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Stage One: Learn

Learn in-demand skills and up-skill yourself without the $50k debt (no shade to unis)

There are things that you can learn in 6 weeks with a cohort, and things that you can spend $100k over four years for and still be a beginner. We have a bootcamp to help you with the former.

Online recordings of our entire course catalogue

Weekly recap meetings with community

Stage Two: Practise

Reflect your learning with actual tasks, while building a resume

With Ivystat’s community membership, you will be given tasks and gigs to teach you to reflect your learnings and solve complex practical problems.

Detailed, actionable feedback from community leaders

Trackable points system and leaderboard

Build real-life mini projects & a resume

Stage Three: Earn

Get paid with virtual internship opportunities at top companies

We leverage your Ivystat resume to connect you with our network of companies. We’ll personally invite you to intern at at-least 1 company if you finish the full bootcamp.

Get your profile seen by 50+ companies

Filter, approve, and save internship opportunities

Get paid from the comfort of your home

Paid Virtual Internships

Our mission is to lead a generation of students equipped with real world experience & financial independence, so they can lead passion-fuelled careers without student debt

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Financial Peace.

The state of having enough wealth to live comfortably without being constrained by money


Companies & organizations ranging from small businesses to VC-backed enterprises that we connect students to.


Average annual wealth generated for high school students currently enrolled in the Ivy Stat program.


Countries represented by Ivy Stat students, providing a diverse and global network for students to connect and collaborate with.

Everything you need to get started with your passion, and nothing you don't need. Ivy Stat bootcamp is the best way for you to do your thing.

Online access to job and internship opportunities

Flexible scheduling to accommodate schoolwork

One-on-one mentorship from network leaders and graduates

Customized career development plan


Contrary to what you may believe, most of our courses are straightforward and easy to follow through. No jargons ever.


Every internship, course, event or community gathering is 100% remote and self-paced.


Join our ever-growing community of like-minded students from all over the world. Connect and learn together.


Real world experience that consciously rejects theoretical mumbo jumbo. We stick to teaching you what works.

Hit us up, and we’ll come to your high school!

IvyStat is launching its bootcamp soon and you can be a part of it. Join the waitlist today and take advantage of this unique opportunity to kickstart your career and achieve your professional goals. Don't miss out, sign up now and get ready to elevate your skills and knowledge with IvyStat!

Online recordings of our entire course catalogue

One-on-one mentorship from network leaders and graduates

Online access to job and internship opportunities

Customized career development plan

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